Happy 75th Indian Independence Day

India is a vast country with dozens of languages and dialects, and many cultures too! But Independence Day, 15th of August, is celebrated with the

Happy Ugadi

Wishing all my friends and family for whom today marks the start of the New Year, a “Happy Ugadi”. Ugadi is celebrated in many states

In the spirit of Christmas

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I am happy that I was able to donate blood for the 13th time. I must have tried at

Super Science @ CERN

In December, my family and I visited CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research. I found the whole experience fascinating, but what really struck me was

Seasons of life

We are on the cusp of winter. In hues of yellow, orange and red, leaves glisten in the morning sun. The trees look resplendent in

Diwali…going down the memory lane…

My earliest memories of my childhood are of waking up to “Bhakti Ranjani”, an All India Radio (AIR) programme of Carnatic (South Indian) devotional songs.